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Varopakorn Plc. Ltd

Welcome To Varopakorn Plc. Ltd.
Varopakorn Public Co., Ltd. is one of the most modern manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium rolled products in Thailand, employing advanced technology of continuous casting.  The company commenced commercial production of aluminium roll and sheet products at its stated-of-the-art plant in Samut Prakarn province on February 21, 1979.
After registering as a member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand on January 26, 1994, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.  In order to meet the burgeoning demand of aluminium products, the company has entered into dynamic investments with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, Mitsubishi Aluminium Co., Ltd, and Thai-MC Co., Ltd.
The company’s products have been developed to meet a wide range of properties that are often tailor-made to customer needs.  Varopakorn Public Co., Ltd has long recognized the need to be able to offer the finest quality products to its customers and industry at large. 


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